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12 year old's British Accent Demo!

Talented young actor, David Raynolds, needed to learn how to speak consistently and comfortably in a British accent. Being so young, this was a challenge for me, as children don't often undertake such ambitious roles. With a customized learning plan and phonetic coaching method, David was able to absorb the new skills and learn to speak with an authentic sounding British accent. An interesting observation: most directors don't know which British accent they want! There are many districts and dialects in England so I chose the obvious choices: 'upper class' and cockney'. Two very different styles of 'Brit'. David learned them both, and also how to create a hybrid of the two, closer to a 'middle class' accent, so in fact he now has three versions of the British accent. Listen to his two versions of the British dialect in this custom designed 'story demo', The Mummy's Tomb. Written, recorded and produced at Halfyard studios.

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