Book a free 15 minute consultation with Brent! Send an email  to set up a time to discuss your VO/demo goals. Listen to some of our student demos below

At Halfyard studios we care about your health and ensure a clean and safe environment. Please do your part when arriving for a session.


In person recording session new protocols all clients must:

  • Be vaccinated and 100% healthy

  • Wear a mask at all times unless on mic.

  • Come alone

  • Bring your own water

  • Bring your own scripts

  • Bring your own headphones (if possible).

  • Keep a safe distance / avoid touching anything unnecessarily (door handles, mic stand etc)

  • Not have travelled outside the province within two weeks of session.

Halfyard Productions has produced many voice-over demos for children and adults and we can help you get the best demo for your skill level. That said, not everyone is ready for a demo. Brent Halfyard will first, evaluate your skill set and experience, then decide on a plan of action. This usually will involve private classes to get your skill level to where it needs to be. Most demos fall into these  categories:

Commercial, Animation, Narration, Promo (TV), Video Game, E-Learning or Corporate. Listen to some demos samples below. When your ready Contact us about your demo!


Demo Outline:

  • 'Pay As You Go' for each session, no big 'up front' costs.

  • Evaluate your voice talent/experience (if needed)

  • Upgrade your skills (if needed)

  • Write /supply scripts suitable for demo style (or create your own)

  • Record in our pro studio with expert direction

  • Edit and produce the best clips for your final demo

  • Deliver your final demo by email (production fee due only upon completion)

Demo Rate 

  • Private sessions: $150 per hour, $200 on weekends, $300 Stat holidays (plus GST)

  • Demo Production fee:

  • Commercial Demo $350. (in addition to private session fee)

  • Animation Demo    $400. (in addition to private session fee)

  • Average sessions needed 4-6 (to gather suitable performances), will vary depending on experience.

  • STORY DEMOS: (custom written as a continuous scene) additional fees apply.

      PRE-PAYMENT ONLY: E-Transfer | Credit card | PayPal | NO CASH