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My experience at Ukee Sound was amazing! Beautiful setting, really relaxed atmosphere, mood lights and all! Brent was very supportive throughout the whole process (it was my first time in a recording studio). He offered lots of encouragement, insights, creative suggestions and honesty when he knew we could get a better take! 

As we moved through the production process, Brent was inclusive and made it clear that my happiness with the results of our work was a priority. He took my feedback on board and made adjustments as necessary.. even with all those ‘kick’ tweaks at the end! Lots of fun! 

Thank you Brent and Ukee Sound. 5 stars! 



The knowledge and experience of Brent at Ukee Sound shows itself in the music that we've collaborated on together. Brent helps to bring out the best sound that I can possibly have, all while guiding and sharing the tricks of the trade. It isn't just a recording studio, it's a full service music collaboration system. Looking forward to working on more tracks with Ukee Sound.




Working with Brent was very fun and productive. He definitely knows how to coach you in the right direction working off what you bring to the table as an artist. I feel like I gained a lot of valuable tools for both the technicals of being on the mic, as well as character building. My confidence in my auditioning has multiplied, having gained a lot of knowledge from him on the craft, the industry, and how to put and present a package in the room, or self recording. Very happy with the time in the studio as well as with the product I got. 


Actor/ Voice Actor

When i first booked a session with Brent, It quickly became clear he knew his stuff. He wanted to get to know me, what i wanted from this venture and how we could get there. After a couple of months of weekly training and learning the skills needed to build quality content for my animation reel, I felt that I'd learnt so much from him. His teaching skills are phenomenal with a great ear for what is the industry standard, critical when he needs to be and highly motivating too. Many thanks Brent!'


Voice Actor

Brent pulled incredible performances out of me and taught me how to become a better voice actor AND auditioner. I’m pleased with how my demo at Halfyard Studios turned out, and it already landed me an agent!'


Voice Actor

Working with Halfyard Studios has been an essential first step into the world of Voice Over! Brent’s professionalism, knowledge of the industry, and love of the craft is unparalleled by any instructor I have worked with. He cares for his student’s, and their success, and it truly shows in the quality of the demos. Will definitely be a lifetime student!


Actor/ Voice Actor

I took lessons with Brent on a weekly basis for about a month to improve my voice acting skills and produce a demo. Brent is a friendly, professional, and effective teacher who really changed the way that I think about line delivery. He wasn't afraid to give fair criticism when I needed it, and he often challenged me to venture out of my comfort zone. The end result was a demo filled with performances that I never would have imagined myself giving a month ago.



Working with Brent at Halfyard Studios has been a pleasure. His vast knowledge and experience coupled with his intricate guidance have been tremendously beneficial in producing a solid and quality commercial reel. He has an excellent ear for different styles and how best to adapt them to the individual voice actor. I picked up a great deal of valuable techniques and skills that I will continue to use thanks to his tailored and personalized coaching. Very happy to have had the opportunity to work with and produce my reel with Halfyard Studios!



I couldn't be happier with the experience and demo that followed. The wealth of knowledge Brent left me to unpack is incredible. Tricks and tips every voice professional should have in their tool kit. Brent has helped me step into this cut-throat business with confidence and style. Thanks again, Brent.


Actor/ Voice Actor

Brent is a focused, constructively critical and extremely supportive and kind mentor. Being able to get both positive and negative feedback about specifics of my performance from him ensured that we got to address issues with my performance quickly and make the most of each session. He was able to give me a good time estimate for how long it would take us to complete training and my animation demo, which I couldn’t be more happy with. Brent was able to help me not only come out of my shell more, but also helped me tackle the more practical aspects of voice over. I am so grateful that I’ve had a chance to work with him and start my journey as a voice actor. His advice and insight have been invaluable. I look forward to working with him again in the future.


Voice Actor

Brent this rocks!!! Thank you so much! Posting to all my sites. There is range, there is quality - I would use my voice on a commercial for sure 😂 Thanks for all the help.



Actress/Voice Actor

Hi Brent,
Just wanted to let you know that I went in for a casting director who has never brought me in to audition before today and he specifically told me that he loved my demo and will be bringing me back a lot! So thanks for working with me on my demo.



Actress/Voice Actor

It was a pleasure to work with Brent on creating my very first commercial demo. He was a fantastic resource throughout the whole process from helping to hand pick scripts that showcased my unique voice to recording and reworking spots to make sure I got the best performance. I will continue to work with Brent on auditions and developing my voice. Thanks again!


Actress/Voice Actor

After working with Brent over a few months my technique and confidence improved dramatically!! And I landed an agent after he produced my demo! Great Coach... Great Voice Actor.

Voice Actor/Musician /Actor 

Brent was amazing! I went in with little experience, and came out with a strong New York accent. Brent is a very supportive teacher, and I always wanted to come back.



Actor/Voice Actor

Thank you, Brent Halfyard! Our son Aiden came to Brent with a voiceover narration under his belt, but no other training. We wanted him to get a demo done, but weren’t sure how to train him best to get him prepared for all types of voice work. We were incredibly impressed with Brent’s professionalism, his demeanour with our son ( both pushing him out of his comfort zone and encouraging his progress) and the way he put together a comprehensive coaching plan. We also appreciated the excellent studio that Brent has, to give him the best quality of audio possible ( and a comfortable place for parents to wait!) Aiden was definitely pushed to learn new skills, and had an incredible amount of fun doing it.  The end result was a fantastic demo! We will definitely  be back for future coaching and taped auditions!

Aiden's parents

Brent is just an AMAZING teacher and mentor. He took our 11 years old son to a new level of skills and knowledge in acting and voice over. After just a few sessions our son booked a 26 episodes lead role in a PBS show . This couldn’t be done without Brent’s support and mentorship. We are so blessed to know him. Thank you Brent for your professionalism and dedication. Your attitude and confidence is just what our child needs in order to succeed in life.

David & Monica (mother) 

Actor/Voice Actor

Brent has a huge wealth of professional knowledge to share and he really helped set me on the path to a self-sustained voice acting career. Even if you're completely new to the craft, you'll leave his workshop with the skills and confidence you need to start building on your own.


Actor/Voice Actor

Working with Brent was an absolute pleasure. He set me up with the tools I need to audition successfully and build my career. I would highly recommend his workshops for new or established voice actors.


Voice Actor


Here's some of our voice actors who hired Halfyard Studios for coached auditions and/or demos that led to landing an agent or booking the job from that very audition. This is true measurable success. There are never guarantees in this business, but when a talent auditions here at Halfyard Studios, the chances of getting booked can certainly increase.


  1. Nakai Takawira: Booked a major role in an animation series as a result of a coached audition with Brent! 

  2. Meaghan Homey: booked first voice over gig on a long running animation series! After training with Brent and having her animation demo produced!

  3. Sam Hum: booked first voice acting role! Guest appearance in animated series

  4. Laird: Booked recurring role in animated series

  5. Thomas: Booked recurring role in animated series

  6. Karim Fahmy booked recurring role in animated Series 

  7. Thomas: Booked principal role in animated series

  8. Anna: Booked recurring role in animated series

  9. Stephanie: Booked guest role in animated series

  10. David: Booked principal character in animated series

  11. Thomas: Booked role in feature animation

  12. Lexi: Booked National OFF! radio ad

  13. *Laird: Booked recurring role in animated series (Did multiple auditions with us but did not do this audition here. However the coaching he received here  certainly helped him land his first gig!)

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