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Student Books Role!

I had the pleasure of working with a young woman on her first voice over audition a few months ago. She, like many of my students have a background in front of the camera, but not in voice over. The audition was very good, but did not land her a role or a call back, BUT...the casting directors took notice of that audition, and they wanted to know more about her. They contacted her agency and offered her a new audition for the same cartoon for a different role. She booked that audition with Halfyard Studios and I worked with her to get an engaging performance with an evocative character that suited the genre. worked! She booked the job! I am very proud of her ability to take direction, which is a key skill to have when working with directors, especially in animation. I am also very pleased that my intuitive method of teaching and directing auditions is paying off for my students! I'll release more details as I receive them. Increase your chances of landing the job and book your next big audition with Halfyard Studios!

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