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Hi, I'm Brent Halfyard, founder of Halfyard Studios. I'm from Nanaimo BC and live on the edge of the wild Pacific Ocean. My performance background began at a young age playing bass, guitar, singing, recording and performing for many years across Canada.

In 2001, I cut my teeth in radio at CFNR, Canada's First Nations Radio. I have been the creative director of CFNR since 2004, and am a champion for First Nations culture and continue to work extensively with First Nations companies and individual talent on a multitude of projects.

My life in radio started in traffic, copywriting, and eventually voice over and commercial production. This led to the creation of Halfyard Productions Inc (aka Halfyard Studios). 


I have performed voice-over for many clients including CARFAX, Investigation Discovery, V8, Capital One. Media includes; Video games, Commercials, e-learning, TV promos, Narration and Audiobooks. I have extensive acting, singing, performance, audiobook, character and dialogue/accent training


Teaching voice over was a surprising addition to my career, and I have found it very rewarding to see my students young and old, from 6 to 80 years old learn and grow as performers.

As I have an extensive musical background, it has always played a central role in my life. I continue to work on my craft as a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Although I have created music on the lighter side, I tend to be fascinated and drawn to the darker side of human nature and internal/external conflicts, deep thought and self reflection. I love creating original songs and instrumental tracks for film and TV. (Halfyard Productions Inc is also an independent music publisher).

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