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Zoom and Skype Sessions Only

Due to the current health crisis Halfyard Studios is not accepting any in studio sessions until further notice.

With safety protocols in place for in person recording sessions:

  • You must be 100% healthy

  • Come alone

  • Bring your own water

  • Bring your own scripts

  • Bring your own headphones

  • Keep a safe distance / avoid touching anything unnecessarily (door handles, mic stand etc)

  • Not have travelled outside BC within 14 days of booking


Alternatively: Zoom! The replacement we are all using now. Zoom works great for remote coaching and audition sessions. I have successfully coached new and returning students remotely for auditions. Its great for demo prep and character and performance development as well. For Zoom auditions I take care of not only the direction, but also the editing and production. Just send me the final audition files to save you the time and hassle! All included in one affordable rate. So stay safe and send me a message when your ready to book a ZOOM or in studio session.

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