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Animation or Commercial Demo???

I get asked this question a lot from clients young and old. Most agents will ask for a commercial demo first, and I tend to agree as this is where the bulk of auditions and work comes from. I know many voice talent got into the industry because they love cartoons! I am actually one of those people! Like many of us actors and voice actors, the draw of being a quirky character in an animated series can be a lot of fun. We all grew up with cartoons as a huge part of our culture and we are naturally drawn to them. But as a professional who helps actors of all ages get their first demo or update their existing demo, I suggest working on your commercial demo first. The exception is for young actors anywhere from 6-7 years old to teens. In this case I will do a mix of both, leaning heavier on the animation side and throw in a few simple commercial reads. Why? As I mentioned, commercial vice over is the most prolific form of voice over, (as we watch and hear commercials everyday), cartoons however, are a very specialized field. Kids generally will audition and book for animation, but also commercial work and auditions will arise, and I believe its best to get an early start! That said, as an adult having both a commercial and animation demo is vital if you want to get into the industry ( never combine the two!), Keep in mind, almost all professional animation voice over talent will also do commercial work when they can, as the money can simply be too good to pass up! The key is to know your strengths, but also to explore other genres of voice over (there are many even beyond animation and commercial). I've been contacted by clients who insist on animation first, as this is their strongest area and I like to give my clients confidence when 'stepping into the ring' so to speak. But soon after they will come back for a commercial demo, which is a whole different set of performance skills. When your ready for a new demo or your first demo, animation or commercial, give Halfyard Studios a call: 604-723-6508, or email us. I'll personally set up a customized plan based or your needs and skillset. Have a listen to some of our demos that have help talent land agents and big jobs!

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