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Student Books Major Animation Role!

We're so proud of Meaghan Hommey, who recently booked a role in an animation series! Meaghan came to Halfyard Studios with very little voice over experience, but, she had extensive experience in improv. Brent worked with her over a few months to get her skills and performance level up to the standards she needed to land an agent. Right away it was apparent she had a very unique sound, with a natural sassy rasp. Brent noticed she sounded a lot like the original Peppermint Patty from the old Charlie Brown cartoons, and that this sound could be her calling card. Once Meaghan's demo was produced, she did land an agent and subsequent auditions, including a role in a major animation series! And thus her voice over career is off to a momentous beginning. Listen to her demo with samples of peppermint Patty, a heroine, villain, kindly old lady, singing and more...Great work Meaghan!

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