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Student Books Cartoon!

One of our newest and younger actors came in for a voice over audition a few weeks ago. He was a wee lad of just ten years old with unbridled enthusiasm and very little experience on the mic. At Halfyard Studios he learned studio etiquette, mic technique, performance skills and what it's like to be in a real studio environment. A week later his mom called about the call-back and was very excited for her son! Getting a call back alone means you stood out from the pack of auditions and is a victory all its own. Then a week later the mom called to say he booked the gig! (A substantial role in an animation project - details to follow). This talented young lad has recently been to our studio for a few more auditions and has learned a great deal, not only about his acting on the mic, but how to 'act' in a professional studio environment.

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