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Voice Over Handbook

Read this excerpt from our new Halfyard Studios VO handbook! All voice over students and demo bookings will receive the entire handbook.

Voice Over is everywhere: Radio, TV, video games, animation, telephone systems, banking and credit card systems, online, corporate videos, iPhone apps and more. The list is vast and almost never ending!

As a voice talent you need to decide which area interests you the most and start there. In my experience, the bulk of the work and auditions comes from commercial voice over. This can mean radio ads, TV ads, YouTube ads, etc. It is also where most of the high paying jobs are.

It’s vital to know what is the current style and to know your own limits, abilities, and to have a great demo showcasing your skill set and versatility.

Animation, although a favourite of many aspiring and pro voice actors, can be a very tough market to break. Children are being hired more and more and adult females often voice the roles of young girls and even boys.

As there are many classes and teachers out there, choose carefully and have a clear set of goals when deciding.

One of the most common requirements is the ‘Neutral North American Accent’.

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