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Commercial voice over is the most requested and often the most profitable work in the VO business. Regardless of your career goals, you'll need the skills to audition for commercial reads and gain confidence when working with directors and producers. This class will be customized for each individual actors experience. 


Book a private commercial class and learn:


  • How to 'strip' a script to its key elements

  • Mic technique

  • Find your unique voice

  • Soft/medium/hard sell reads

  • A-B-C reads all directors ask for

  • Adjust your 'emotional' voice-dial

  • Demo review/demo overview

Rates/ Times

In Studio / Remote Bookings 


11am - 6pm

$100 / hr (plus GST)



12pm - 5pm

$150 / hr (plus GST)

Stat Holidays:

12pm - 5pm

$175 / hr (plus GST)

Pay via E-Transfer | Credit card | PayPal | Check | NO CASH

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