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Why pay to audition? Visit our SUCCESS STORIES page! Most auditions are now 'MP3', meaning agents and producers expect voice talent to record from home. If you are lucky, you'll then get a call-back and possibly a final audition. They expect: high quality noise free audio, plus you'll need to 'self-direct', which is another challenge altogether. Don't stress! We'll take care of all aspects of your audition.

Audition Session:

Rates/ Times

In Studio / Remote Bookings 


11am - 6pm

$100 / hr (plus GST)



12pm - 5pm

$150 / hr (plus GST)

Stat Holidays:

12pm - 5pm

$175 / hr (plus GST)

* More than one of our paid auditions have resulted in the talent(s) landing a national radio ad and a lead roles in an animated series!

Pay via E-Transfer | Credit card | PayPal | Check | NO CASH

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