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Coast Salish Dancers at ABA 2017!

We were fortunate enough to attend the annual BC Aboriginal Business Awards on October 26, at the Fairmont Hotel, Vancouver. Watch this clip of the Coast Salish Dancers for the opening ceremony, dancing to welcome the myriad of guests on to their traditional territory. It's truly an inspiring piece of culture and inclusivity. Denise Halfyard, Witsuwit'en, Tsimshian, Gitxsan, and parter at Halfyard Studios, is an award recipient herself, receiving the 'Outstanding business Achievement' award in 2011 for her company, Halfyard Designs. Denise designed the flowers for the event and also this year, she became the main female voice for the three hour event, introducing all nominees and sponsors. Halfyard Studios is proud to be 50% aboriginal owned and a part of this vital event, promoting aboriginal business and entrepreneurs.

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