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Narration, E-learning, Corporate, and Audiobook voice over is a specialized performance skill, with each having one thing in common: They are generally considered long form. Anywhere from 1000 words to 100,000 words or more! Actors will need to really understand their skills when working on these types of projects. This class will be customized for each individual actors experience. 


Book a private Narration class and learn:


  • How to find your vocal 'sweet spot'

  • Understand and know your own vocal range

  • Build up stamina and vocal health

  • Inerpret the genre to create your own style

  • Pacing, pauses and authenticity

  • Attitudinal shifts and opinion dial

  • Demo review/demo overview

Rates/ Times

In Studio / Remote Bookings 


11am - 6pm

$100 / hr (plus GST)



12pm - 5pm

$150 / hr (plus GST)

Stat Holidays:

12pm - 5pm

$175 / hr (plus GST)

Pay via E-Transfer | Credit card | PayPal | Check | NO CASH

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