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Welcome to Uncle Brent's Teaches Voiceover!

Who's Uncle Brent? I'll tell ya! I'm Brent Halfyard, co-owner of Halfyard Studios and Ukee Sound, a pro voice actor, voice coach, and... an uncle to my wise nephew, who encouraged me to choose a course name that fits my quirky personality, and so... Uncle Brent Teaches Voiceover was born!

My youngest student was 6, my oldest was 80.  I’ve helped students get agents and land roles, I’ve worked with corporations, CEOs and employees to record their own ads and improve their speaking skills.

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Over the years I've learned a ton as a professional voice actor and coach. I can help you not only discover your potential with your voice and performance skills, but I can help navigate this often brutal and thankless industry!

Nakai Takawira in animation session

One the toughest genres to learn and to get into! If you've got thick skin and a knack for acting and creating characters Uncle Brent can get you going!

Avi Lake doing a radio commercial

Maybe you hate commercials! But it 's most common type of voice over and where most of the work comes from. All voice actors need a basic Uncle Brent can teach you how to audition and compete with the best!


Not for the faint of heart, narration, audiobooks and E-learning are long form voiceover and require their own special skillset. Uncle Brent has narrated multiple documentaries, audiobooks and series can get you the foundational skills you need.

Speaking at Seminar

Corporate voiceover

Being a CEO or upper level management in a corporation often requires you to voice a commercial, training video, or speak in public! Oh No! Anything but that! Uncle Brent can help you deal with the butterflies and discover your vocal sweet spot to have them eating out of the palm of your hand.

Halfyard Studios-Ukee Sound recording console

No home studio? No chance! You need at least a basic home studio setup and grasp of recording software to compete in voiceover. Yup, Uncle Brent can help you get the gear you need without breaking the bank!


No Demo? No chance! Without a pro voice demo you'll have more doors closed than an encyclopedia salesman! Check out some of our demos that have helped land agents and big gigs! 

Wanna test the waters? Uncle Brent's Teaches Voiceover Community is a place for all things voice over like discussions, questions, tips and videos. It's also where you'll be updated on my new voiceover course and how to get bonus materials, demo discounts and more... And it's FREE!

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